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Make your loved one’s birthday one to remember embracing the magical environment of the woodland. Sally’s Adventure Club birthdays are a mix of immersive storytelling, forest crafts, games, exploration and discovery. We sing to the treetops, befriend the robins and constantly take inspiration from our natural surroundings.

What age do you cater for? - From 2 years old through to 80 years old. If your heart belongs to nature and you like to laugh then Sally’s Adventure Club can cater for any age. As long as imagination and adventure is in your soul then bespoke parties can be designed for all.

How long do the parties last?: Approximately 1 hour 30mins (this can vary depending on the age)

What do you do about refreshment?: Highgate Wood caters for Birthday Parties at the Pavilion Cafe (contact OR bring a picnic.... a picnic is the perfect ending to an outdoor party.

What if it rains?: Sally’s Adventure Club has hosted many a soggy party, this comes with the territory. As long as the weather is not dangerous and you are happy to go ahead then a little bit of rain does not dampen spirits. If the weather is really bad then we would do our best to re-schedule.

Contact for bookings and quotes.

Birthday Tick list:

  • Sally will be leading, entertaining and guiding. It is up to you to provide extra eyes to help supervise and keep the children safe
  • Please ensure everyone arrives on time so we can set off together and all have been briefed before the adventure begins.
  • Please refrain from handing out presents before the adventure, this can be very distracting.
  • Please do not give out snacks throughout the adventure. A child with a snack in their hand is very tempting for a dog. If possible wait until story corner.
  • Please dress for the weather.
  • Please provide names and numbers and theme the week before the party.
  • Please bring wet wipes just in case. Adventures can be muddy ;-)