Woodland wellbeing image


Wellbeing - Be well... Be happy... Be safe... (We love Bees)

Wellbeing has never been so prevalent in today's society. We have a deeper understanding of what we need to try and do in order to maintain our mental health and the mental health of the people around us. Connecting with nature is a fundamental part of wellbeing, proven to ease anxiety and stress, allowing time to take in fresh air and breath deeply. We can whisper and listen as the trees whisper back.

Sally’s Adventure Club has had wonderful feedback over the years which highlight the natural tonic it continues to give to every child and adult that attends. Allowing yourself and your child to truly be amongst nature encourages curiosity whilst easing any pressures the world might be throwing in your pathway.

Sally says: I walk into the woods and the stresses of the day are left at the gate. No matter what the weather throws at us and no matter what season, the trees and birds never fail to inspire me. I learn something new every single day in the various environments I am lucky to immerse myself and my adventure crew into. The children teach me an astonishing amount and in turn whilst listening, smelling, observing, feeling our surroundings we create, sing, tell stories, whilst learning about the world around us. The Rangers, who take care of our green areas, are truly natures heroes freely sharing their font of knowledge and wisdom with passion and pride.